like father like son like son

last time Tim was here, it was extremely apparent who russ looked up to in his formative years.
although Tim was only legally Russ' stepdad for a few years, and hasn't been since Russ was little, Russ values what Tim values.

to see Russ as a dad, and Tim as a grandpa is one and the same. they are so incredibly sweet to Hayes. they are proud pops and I am so lucky that Russ took after Tim in the fatherhood department. I am pretty lucky to have both of them in my life. period.

& would you check out this happy monkey!
we're off to the doctor to be sure his ears are healed & then the never ending errand run.
good thing he sleeps better in the car than anywhere else.

have a good monday!


Emily Dickson said...

He's losing some of his chubs! What a cute little boy!

chari-o said...

oh my! that last pic is so russ!

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