the list.

i'm starting gift guides a little early this year, so unlike me but, it's something about having a little bright eyed bushy tailed baby boy that shows oh-so much appreciation at the sight of a new toy or that how i get just as excited buying him new clothes as i do myself, if not more...
i am so excited for holidays with Hayes!

here is Hayes' gift guide: also known as, things i'm excited to see Hayes not really care about at all because wrapping paper is way more fun anyway...

Walt Disney's: Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree01. moms, do you read BabyCheapskate? They have done 3 years worth of research on what toys get played with again and again for infants up to 5 year olds. read them all here: "Toys that get Played with". this was a great jumping off point for me.

02. winnie the pooh. Hayes LOOVESS him. mornings when he wakes up a little too early, i put on a youtube clip & he goes wild. really, Hayes is winnie the pooh reincarnated.
03. iBert. a super sweet baby bike seat. family cruiser rides? precious.

04. not that he can play with it yet, but how cute will it look sitting on his book shelf?

05. bowties! nothing cuter. by Dejavu Old & New

06. moccasins. i should probably  just buy one in every size. by Freshly Picked

07. stuffed ninjas. ninjas are the new robots. and they're definitely the new teddy bears. by Radseams

#4-7 can all be found at Bijou Market in *less than* 2 weeks, naturally.

if i am missing something an almost year old (come Christmas) would love, please share!

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kylee said...

bow ties! in loooove with them.

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