november 2010

To My Hayes,

Or Mr. Moo, Moo Man, Bubbaboo-ey, Haysa, Hanny-some, just a few nicknames your dad likes to call you. Happy 8 month birthday!  Let's talk about all your little tricks & things you do that I love. You wave hello! Your shoulder stays stiff like a robot & your arm slaps down near your thigh like your flapping your wing. You give us real hugs. If I am standing near your high chair, walker or johnny jump-up you grab wrap your arms around my torso or leg, and bury your face into me, it's the cutest thing. Your favorite word is "ba" say it for ball, and bottle, and for no reason at all sometimes. You love to play "catch" with your dad, and you'll watch a few innings of baseball on his lap, no problem. I love when I'm rocking you and you turn your head and blow a raspberry on my arm, you think it's pretty funny. I love how you fit so perfectly in our bathroom sink. I can put you in there and take my time getting ready. You love to brush your teeth I had to designate your own special toothbrush, even though your true love is dad's electric one.

You're getting closer to crawling and standing too. You'll rock back and forth on all fours, lunge at just about anything, but your arms haven't figured out what to do yet. Also, you'll pull yourself up to your knees and then just stop, contentedly. I still can't believe how much growing and learning you've done, it makes us so proud, and then so sad it all went by so fast! You adore any babies or kids bigger than you, everything they do is hilarious magic. We always say you probably should have been a little brother, but your calm, sweet & gentle personality will make a pretty amazing oldest brother too.  I wouldn't change this moment in our lives for anything, but I can't imagine you without siblings, too.

Our favorite part of the day is the early mornings after you've nursed, and how we all lay in bed and watch your favorite Winnie the Pooh clip. You put one hand on your dad's shoulder and the other plays with my hair. During your favorite parts you go wild and flap your hands and kick your feet and gasp and laugh (like when Christopher Robin launches Pooh and the balloon.) Your dad and I exchange looks of "Is he seriously this cute?!"  We spend so much time in awe of you! Specifically in awe of how you never seem to get full. You nurse 5 times a day, drink 3 formula bottles, inhale 4 big baby food jars, 2 bowls of oatmeal & you eat crackers and puffs in between. Let's be honest, we share the same love of food.

Your sleep habits are becoming more obvious, I lay you down on your side, and put your little stuffed penguin in between your two arms, you find his super soft tag and rub it together in between your fingers. Your feet have to be out of the covers too, so you can rub your feet together while you fall asleep. Everyone around you comments on how inquisitive you are, you take everything in, and tilt your head side to side like an owl. You have no problems staring into the eyes of anyone around you, unflinchingly so, until they can get you to crack a smile. Your grandpa says only the smartest babies do that, and hey he's the doctor!

Maybe by now you're wondering why I published these letters for thousands to read, but know, they are just for you. For you to always know the light you are in our lives, to read about the marvelous things you've accomplished and will accomplish, and always be able to reconnect with the sweet Hayesie-boy within you. We love you!

The world is yours, Hayes.


Shorty said...

These letters are precious. My mom kept a book for me for the first year of my life telling all things I learned and what dates I learned them and funny things I did or said along the way. I never knew about it until I was in college, I think, and then it really meant the world to me. Come to find out, I was a pretty cool baby. Ha! Hayes will love this some day.

rebecca said...

i have been wanting to get christmas done but keep putting it off for bijou because i know everything will be awesome!
hope you are great!

Emily said...

you seriously have the cutest baby boy ever.

Emily said...

as i read over my previous comment, i noticed i sounded like a total creep.
this is a disclaimer that i'm not! haha

your little boy is really cute though!

Kit said...

Em, I so look forward to reading these beautiful love letters each month....even if I missed "it" ....that is, figuring out that yesterday, when we did our Costco run, and I got live smiles not just virtual ones (this little grin, peering out at me from the left of this window is so adorable I can't stand it) was the TENTH!!!

and as usual, your last paragraph brings tears.

So lucky
to be
to our boy!

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