this upcoming weekend we set aside some time to get our house all gussied up for christmas. 
lights, tree, shopping, wrapping, christmas card pictures, decorating... all on the to do list.
as it stands today, this is the only evidence we're not jewish:
i'm all about christmas in its right time & place, but this year i haven't felt this giddy since i got that asian american girl doll when i was 10 (i was trying to be unique- pretty sure everyone i knew already had samantha or kirsten.)

i am sticking to as much handmade decorations as possible, my tastes change every single year & this is the most cost-effective way & i feel a little less consumptive.
i've already got a small headstart because
rashelle & i made extra motley handmade ornaments for our own trees...
we both loved the yarn wrapped wreath idea, so we shrunk it down for our trees
using mason jar lids:

anyway, all that intro just show you some of the other DIY projects that have caught my eye, i split them into their own posts so keep on scrollin':