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i am so proud and even a little teary-eyed to tell you about a project i am apart of & hope you will join in too! Bloggers Give Back is a brand new (days old) project with the goal of helping a family in need this holiday season.

Alan and Donna Gubler are both teachers, and only a few weeks ago, due to an electrical fire, their home burned to the ground. they lost everything, including their hopes of retiring, and made it out only with the clothes on their back. their family has banded together to get them on their feet enough to return to work, but as we know, the hands of few can only go so far.

Bloggers Give Back has rallied together the able hands of talented bloggers everywhere in an effort to help this couple who have dedicated their lives to educating our children. personally i feel incredibly blessed to be able to use my hands and my creativity as a means to help support my family & any way i can use that blessing to help another, i will do it!

on December 15th, an auction of donated goods will commence to benefit the Gubler family. 
100% of proceeds will go to this family to help them rebuild their life.
this is not only a chance for you to help someone in need, either by donating or bidding, but also an amazing opportunity to get your hands on some of the greatest goods & services bloggers have to offer at a fraction of the price.

here is a taste of what's being offered already, only a few days since the project was started:
pink peach cake to feed 50 : starts at $50 ($150 value)

NieNie calendar : starts at $10 ($18.99 value)

Session with Nicole : starts at $75 ($200 value)
i know that by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass
& nothing will give your holiday season more meaning than giving service to another, however big or small. you can donate your own goods & services here.
& you may be wondering what i donated?


Brooke said...

This is great! I'm adding the button to my sidebar :D

emily+brett said...

you worded this so well! it really does bring a great spirit to the season and makes it feel more meaningful! thank you for your donation. it means so much to us and the world to alan and donna.

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