bad ears

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by the time this post publishes our little Hayesies will be going into surgery for his poor little ears.

we finally jumped through all our insurance provider's hoops to get the tubes put in, & by a miracle (aka my dad) we got into see the ENT the next work day (yesterday) & scheduled the procedure for this morning. it is such a relief!

after 4 double ear infections in 2 months, 4 different types of antibiotics, 3 rounds of shots, innumerable sleepless nights, endless ear tugging & one struggling immune system, baby boy has earned the right to feel 100% healthy. you'd never know he had ear infections during the day, but the little lamb just couldn't keep a stiff upper lip at night, and it was heartbreaking.

and since a post about Hayes wouldn't be complete without a heavy dose of maternal guilt... i'll just tell you that being prone to ear infections is for the most part, hereditary. and as you can see in this photobooth strip his ears are cookie cutter versions of my own once tubed ears.

it's a pretty standard 15 minute surgery, but send your good thoughts in the direction of Hayes baby Hayes will you? and maybe his nervous wreck parents, too.

all my love,
Emily ♡


Brooke said...

I'll be thinking of you and your family!! All will be well :)

teamBoo said...

Tubes are my very best friend. Congratulations!

Angela and Enrique said...

Oh good! I'm glad he is finally going to get those put in. Poor guy!

jenna said...

that second to last frame down.....oh my heavens. i lose my breath it's so cute.

q and i said a prayer for you this morning hayesie! lots of love!

elizabeth kartchner said...

happy thoughts and prayers for Haysie!

so glad that he'll no longer have to be such a tough little cookie.


elizabeth kartchner said...

happy thoughts and prayers for Haysie!

so glad that he'll no longer have to be such a tough little cookie.


Lindsay said...

Hayes will be a new boy and you my friend will be a new mama with tubes! They are such an amazing thing and Hayes will be so grateful to have them in! Sending lots of love to your little family! and I must say, good job on taking this procedure!

jillian said...

Hayes good luck with the ears little man! I can't wait for you to feel better.

Emily & Russ, you're awesome parents and he will do wonderfully and your happy baby will now be able to sleep.

You're all wonderful. :)

Annie said...

thank goodness for modern medicine! and though i only see him in the sunshine of the day, i don't know if i'll be able to handle hayes con tubes.

Lindsey S. said...

we'll be praying. Good luck!

nicole ...given said...

awww lok at that smile!

griffin&gretchen said...

poor thing. i had to get tubes too once. good luck hayes!

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

awww poor little guy!! i hope he feels better! i know that when i get ear infections i get them bad, so if it's anything like mine, i feel for him!!


AubreyMo said...

He's such a cutie. It always breaks my heart to see babies not feeling well, so I'm glad he was able to get them! Hope he's getting (and that you two are also getting) a restful nights sleep now!

Anonymous said...

Hope that Hayes does well after surgery and his poor little ears feel better!

Lindsay said...

You will love the results!!!
Riley got tubes when she was 16 mos. She just turned 4 and hasn't had a ear infection since! I hope Hayes has the same luck!!!
miss you!

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