this post contains the coolest photo i ever took.

good morning! thank you thank you for all your kind words for Hayes.
surgery went really well & after a few grumpy hours, he has a new pep in his step.

just wanted to share some photos from our first family tree trimming session.
what is different then last year you ask?
we do all the same things, but we do them with much more oomph & gusto because we can't wait to see Hayes' eyes light up. any guesses at his reactions?
hint: none.

the bubbabooey hasn't looked twice at the tree...
or his stack of gifts
but i tell you what... that scrap of wrapping paper? he loved that thing until it disintegrated.

"what's the point?" we may ask ourselves...
agreed, it is all a little superfluous, but i'm contemplating the definition of motherhood just might be doing seemingly superfluous things with patient hands and love in our eyes & hoping it will all create some sort of lasting impact & meaning in their world.

...and maybe i'm also contemplating the exchange of all the noisy ugly plastic toys currently under the tree for more scraps of paper...

shake shack tee, thrifted yellow lounge pants, mutze by ashley hat


Brooke said...

it's always the wrapping paper! my daughter's first christmas was all about the paper and nothing about the toys! I don't know what it is about it! ha

Emma said...

he is cutest babe!!

Anonymous said...

I love that series of photos you took of him! He is so excited for wrapping paper, go figure.

jillian said...

Oh how I adore baby toes!!

And yes, I say go for more paper. And boxes. They always like the boxes.

Elaine said...

Seriously, SO adorable.


kELLO! said...

yowsa. cuteness overload

julia said...

He is so lovely.has a beautiful smile.You are very lucky to have a great son.
love from Turkey.

Logan said...

I vote the coolest picture in the post is the bottom left-hand corner picture in the collage of Hayes. What a stud!

A & A Hooper said...

i'm glad you got tubes put in his ears! i have a slight inkling that my little sladie babie will be headed that way. he keeps getting earaches after earaches! i hope for both of you guys he starts sleeping better with the tubes in!

Shorty said...

Sometimes the gifts are more for mommy and daddy than baby, but that is definitely okay. :) He'll be excited about things other than wrapping paper soon enough. Enjoy this time.

And this pics are ADORABLE!

Dana said...

It's true, the paper and boxes are the best parts of presents. :)

Lindsey S. said...

So cute. Love it!

Bailey was only 6 weeks old for her first Christmas, so I think of her 2nd Christmas like it was her first. I got her all this stuff trying to make her "first" (second) Christmas so special. By the time presents where open and done the thing she LOVED the very most was her daddy's bottle of Cologne. Did she enjoy the things she got, yeah, would she have noticed or cared if she got nothing, no. I seriously think of what a great lesson it is though. It's really not the stuff that matters. It's who you get to spend it with.

I'm AE Jones said...

DARLING pictures! Love your blog!

Kit said...

You have pegged the definition of motherhood.

My little sister painted a plaque for my mom that said, "Isn't it pitiful what a little thing makes a mother happy?"

And vice versa!'

sure love that babe
and his momma

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