reviewed: shellac®

i've been dying to try shellac® since i saw a friend's manicure a few weeks ago. i saw a couple ladies at bijou with similar manicures-- once you've seen a shellac manicure, you can spot it in a crowd. 
all three went to different salons & all three looked basically like an acrylic nail -- but only their natural nail shape and length. & with a promise of no chipping for about 2 weeks, i'm in!

i took these photos 7 days after my manicure, and you can see, they're shiny, unchipped, and the only real change is my own nails' growth. because the 3 shellac manicures i saw all went to different salons & all looked equally great, i found the cheapest salon: Kim Nails (1600 N. Orem) for a $15 shellac paint job or $27 with a manicure. it's an extensive layering process of the special shellac gel, the paint color & heat application so it ends up thick and glossy.
all in all i loved it, almost 2 weeks later, i still love it.

i chose "Fedora" (basically identical to my favorite Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI) because it's super chic & goes with every outfit. even outfits like this:
beanie H&M || x-long button up & cardigan GAP || black skinnies F21 || "shooties" BCBG || bow tie is a shortened silk belt || johnny jump-up HAYES' ||

what's special about this outfit? it's the first! one in NINE years of knowing Russ that he admitted he didn't like. he's never said anything but nice things about all my outfits in 3,285 days worth of them. i kept hearing "excuse me, can i get another coke?" 
waiter jokes. psh.


griffin&gretchen said...

o! i've been waiting to try those! waiting no longer

chari-o said...

oh dang. that looks so good. I'm sad we didn't have time to go together.

iamahoneybee.com said...

i've never even heard of this, but then again I don't get my nails done because of how quickly they chip. But hearing and seeing how well it worked for you makes me want to try it. I used a locater to find 2 within walking distance from my house!

kELLO! said...

haha that's so funny he didn't like it. James says, "as long as you feel pretty in it..." when he doesn't like something. The other day he said, "you look really nic-... oh. are you wearing those shoes?" haha

Lindsay said...

Adding this to my Christmas list!

P.s don't listen to russ you look amazing!

Shelly Hyde said...

you are cute Em! It was so fun to see you and catch up. I love that Little Hayes. and I like your outfit. i do.

NatTheFatRat said...

man, if i had a dollar for every time my husband told me my shirt looked like a tablecloth . . . or just yesterday, "why are you dressed like a grandma?" your husband is obviously more stylish than mine.

Kelsey said...

I love Shellac and I've been looking for a salon here in town that does it! Such great news! Thank you!!

carl and em said...

em just wanted to let you know that i am starting to do it from my house, pass the word on and come do them for a discount! :)

Kate said...

I buy shellac on amazon and bought the light there too! Love it! And love doing it from home!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I have been wanting to try shellac for forever! So excited something like this has come along because I hate the look of fake nails (but like that they last) and like a more natural look :)

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