csn-ta claus

i'm teaming up CSN's allmodern.com next month for a review, 
but i am having theee hardest time picking.
they have such a stellar selection of modern furniture and quirky pieces,
really how's a gal to choose?
here's what i have my eye on. please help me:
1. kikkerland wheel clock 2. french bull rose serving set 3. bodum bistro toaster
4. kikkerland duck mirror 5. missoni home bath collection 6. areaware geo birdhouse
7. skyline armless chair 8. allessi pisellino holders 9. artenica garland shade light

1,2,4,5,6 & 8 just because they're awesome & they belong at chez frame.
3. because russ & i have an ongoing disagreement about the toaster.
i hate having stuff out on the counter, but for the 3x's a month he makes toast he'd wants it out. i guess if it was a cool toaster, i could compromise.
7. because hayes is the next yao ming, he doesn't fit horizontally in our rocker anymore. armless maybe my only option.
9. is that not the most amazing light fixture you've ever seen?

thanks in advance for your guidance & direction in this pressing matter.☺

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nichole said...

Justin and I have the same conversation about the toaster at least once a month... and we have a beautiful toaster. Maybe I'm just plain mean ;)

I would love to hear about clock!

Sean and Janet Eyring said...

duck mirror. definitely the duck mirror!

Shorty said...

the skyline armless chair and the artenica garland shade light are both gorgeous and amazing to me! i want. ;)

J&B Barrett said...

Can I just say I think you are absolutely darling! and your babe is to die for! I love your blog. hope you are well!!

Silvia said...

Love the birdhouse. And the clock. And the mirror. And the light.
And the toaster does not belong on the counter. he he. Me and Gar have the same conversation about the blender. He claims that it is an everyday appliance, so it's ok to be on the counter. It's not. xo

Dana said...

My vote goes to the clock...it's amazing!

As for the toaster, we solved the problem by having a rolling door on the toaster "garage." There is a pull out bread board right below the garage. I love it!

ashley said...

chair or light fixture. they are GORGEOUS!

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