winter white

my dreams of a blizzardy christmas came true last night. 12+ inches and a power outage for a few hours that nearly drove me insane. no one in this household sleeps well without a fan, and our house was dead quiet. i could hear hayes roll over in the other room.
here's a wintry look for you.
i have been loving and eying winter white for a few months, and after 3-4 tries, finally feel like i got a look that works for me. and with more holiday social functions than i had outfits to go around, a new take on a holiday look is a welcome guest.
cardy JCREW | tee F21| belt GAP| jeans MUFFIN'S|flats OLD NAVY| necklace F21|
 on our way out i threw on an oatmeal beanie, cream gloves, a cream/tan striped scarf & a cream coat. mix that with the over the top paint job i gave myself a few days prior... 
let's just say it was a look.
what are winter whites you ask?
from what i gather it's a mixture of textures & colors 
like off-whites, beiges, tans, greys in a layered fashion. 
creating depth & interest even though it's monochromatic.