i'm bringing puffy back, yeah.

nothing beats temple square's lights, but if you want to come prehhhty close, the shops at riverwoods do a bang-up job. the lighting on these photos is legit, the place is on fire with white and blue lights. it's magic. 

onto the puffy part of the post... you could say we're bringing puffy faces back-- we did just eat for a solid hour at tucanos right before this-- but for these purposes i'm talking about the coat kind. i don't know if puffy coats went out of style, they did for me personally, until i tried on an actually really flattering one, now i wear it everywhere.

someone hand me a bible because i swear we really didn't try to coordinate outfits, but here we are looking pretty much completely 100% coordinated.

daddy-o : HOODIE old navy TEE vintage JEANS uo SHOES toms
ma to the ma :PUFFER COAT gap SCARF f21 TEE ugmonk JEGS f21 SHOES u.o.
hay-za-er: BEANIE mutze by ashley POLO vintage CRAWLERS gap HIGH TOPS gap


Sarah loves it all said...


Brissa said...

LOVE your shoes.
LOVE his beanie.
aahhh soooo good!

I'm AE Jones said...

Ha ha - love the coordination! And I'm coveting the shoes as well.

Jene and Megan said...

Love the last pic of your cute lil family!!

nicole ...given said...

mmmm k love this outfit. especially the shoes

adam and jess clark said...

we got your christmas card, so cute, thanks for sending us one! adam and i think hayes is pretty much the cutest baby boy we've ever seen! you're baby is one of the few babies that makes me wanna have my own baby :)

kELLO! said...

matchy. matchy! (said like shakey. shakey. the all state commercial guy. not sure if you have those commercials out where you are- but we crack up at that one) in hindsight, i probably just should have not commented. i mean, if you have to explain it, it's probably not the best decision :)


.caroline armelle. said...

i've been wanting those shoes from uo for a while. i heard they run small, is that true?

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