merry weekend

russ took a 1/2 day & we wrapped to our heart's content... or russ'. he LOVES to wrap. then, the annual buddies christmas party at tepanyaki & yankee swap afterward.
no pics of either, but you can bet tepanyaki was just like the other 1,000 times we've been there with the buddies. it's an old, old, old favorite.
like, they were going all together in the 90's.
i do however, have some pics of one of our swaps:
a mini skateboard! what is hayes so pumped about you ask? he's looking in a mirror
was prep shopping for all the cooking & baking going on this week, a serious cleaning of our kitchen. i can't cook unless it's spotless, anyone else? 
followed by finally satisfying my months long indian food craving at bombay house and a trip to the mall with the fam.
crazy to go shopping on the last saturday before christmas? i agree with you.
but, russ LOVES it. he loves to be where the bustle is. that is what feels like christmas to him. finished off the night with oreos & peppermint ice cream.
which tastes exactly like candy cane joe joe's (trader joe's.) 
good thing too, because i already finished the box my sister brought during thanksgiving.

listened to our awesome choir sing christmas carols at church then
we wrapped up more freaking gifts; ate a delicious roast & apple crumble with my mom and siblings. excuse the secrecy, we had unwrapped sibling gifts & we take those pretty seriously around here.
whew. tired. 


Brooke said...

I bet you're tired!! I'm glad you had a nice weekend though. I love the last picture :)

Anonymous said...

those are adorable pics of Hayes!!

no TJ's by you? that's just awful!!!

jenna said...

why am i shocked russ likes large crowds? i just am.

[Morgan] said...

those pictures are adorable emily. adorable.

i'm with you, no cooking unless the kitchen is CLEAN.

Silvia said...

I love those pics of Hayes. And I love Yankee Swap. ha ha.

chari-o said...

oh. i. miss. you.

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