party no. 1

first of all, i was flattered and a titch puzzled when i got the invite to 
alice lane's blogger social hosted by my friend kirsten.
i just felt like saying "hi i'm nobody, nice to meet you." but, i put on my self-assured face & drug jenna with me so we could spread the word about bloggers give back - which i'm told was a MASSIVE success that blew everyone's predictions out of the water.
it was so neat to hear the owner jessica's story about making her dream come true by opening alice lane & how naming the store after the street she lived on & felt at most home in made starting her own business less terrifying. 
signing a lease for "alice lane" was comfortable because it was home.
we met a few women who are making their dreams happen & it was a really inspirational night. made me think about what's next for me!
jenna, myself & kristen - who made THE most stellar dessert table ever consumed.
more on that later...
i'd also tell you about jenna's moment with the truffles, but it's a little off colored.

photography by meikel reece. 

all in all it was a fun night, i got to hang out with old favorites, to meet people i've admired and i got to loiter in the most beautiful store i've ever seen. 
jessica really has created such a piece of art with alice lane!

sadly, i didn't get the chance to meet everyone, but here's a list of my old favorites & new friends from the party, all great blogs worth a subscription if you haven't already...

Jessica and Kristen of Alice Lane
Amanda of the Cedar City shop Recycled Consign and Design
Caroline of Armelle Jewelry
Melissa of IS*LY


jenna said...

i look HIDEOUS in these pictures. butttttttttt ohhhhhhhhh welllllllll :)

i love that in kirstens blog the picture of us is by the dessert table. um of course!

aubry. said...

jenna the super hero.

p.s. jenna, i've only ever seen you in pajamas and andrew's sweatshirts. so...... i'm impressed to see you have a wardrobe.

qadesign.jenna said...

blah blah blah AUBRY!

Diana Smith said...

That looked like such a fun event to attend!! Yummy food and pretty things to look at!

I'm AE Jones said...

YAY! Congrats! That's awesome!

esphixiet said...

I know this is random, but I just had to comment: You look like a hip, modern Laura Palmer (from Twin Peaks). And if there's any question, I mean that as an honest compliment :)

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