interviewed: sarah seilbach

i reviewed the edelweiss by sarah line last october, and was seriously blown away by all the beautiful dresses. they give a heavy nod to the '40s and '50s like Sarah said, yet they feel totally modern and now. i interviewed Sarah for 21st and Ivy - all about her life in Brooklyn, designing with her husband, and where she derives inspiration.
it got me thinking about what separates me from someone like Sarah. i am not as intense as i once was, but even just last year (before my brain turned to mush due to nursing) i could spot pretty much anything in a magazine and tell you who designed it. one day in college i figured i loved clothes enough why shouldn't i try to make them myself? i bought a huge sketch pad and charcoal pencils and sat down and drew out my dream wardrobe. and by the same time the next day i forgot all about that sketch pad. 

what i am asking is what separates us from having and idea or desire & actually going for it? i've had multitudes of ideas, and many of them have come to fruition. most are forgotten. what made Sarah go from one drawing on a sketchpad to a studio in Brooklyn, and a 10 piece collection? it's a brain buster, but you can read the interview here...


Ashley and Chris Miles said...

Em so we were on the same flight as everyone to Belize sorry you couldnt make it. it would have been great to see you.

chari-o said...

did you tell her your sis is moving to BK in the summer and wants to be BFF? ;)

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