charles edward cheese

oh hello spring fever, welcome back.
folks, i'm a titch blue this week.
our vacation plans to Belize with friends fell through when we couldn't make up our minds fast enough about leaving or taking Hayes, only to feel really strongly we shouldn't take him, but like 2 days before & with not enough time to arrange a nanny. so while all our friends are hiking in the jungle, laying at the beach, eating ceviche.... 
i am... suprisingly upbeat. haha name that movie.
i think it may be warm enough today to take the kiddo for a walk,
and that does make me happy!

while i lick my sunshine and warmth deprived wounds, here are some snaps from Hayes' first trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

behind the wheel // completely unimpressed with the chair lift
Russ is definitely in his element at an arcade. one token played = 145 tickets. 
which bought a bag of cotton candy and dracula teeth. ha.
Hayes & his cousin Max
i know who i'm using for our next family portraits...


Griffin and Gretchen said...

cute picture! no way that came from chuckie cheese! haha

Brissa said...

1. sorry you couldn't make it.
2. how to lose a guy in 10 days
3. you have the cutest family ever.

kELLO! said...

ah! our vacations plans fell through for the beginning of february, too! we were going to the bahamas. :(

i love how chubby his cheeks are!

my little niece when she was little called it, "chucky jesus" hahah

Lindsey S. said...

We are suppose to be taking a trip sometime after James graduates. I have anxiety already and we still have about 5 months to go!

Sara said...

i freakin love chuck e cheese. cute post!!

kylee said...

thats it. i'm going to chuck e cheese immediately i hopes that i can get a pictures as great as yours.

Prina Family said...

I seriously have almost identical pictures from last thursday! Ha, that one of him on the chair lift:)

Ashley and Chris Miles said...

Charles Edward Cheese Bahahhahahahahahaha that cracked me up big time

bethanykartchner said...

Does Princess Sophia want to come out and play??

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