holiday stragglers

one night before christmas we came home late to a LARGE box on the porch. think christmas story, leg lamp box large. but really, it had to be 5ft tall & packed like a tetris game to the brim with presents for us from grandma ingrid. we loved it!
here's where russ gets annoying. he shakes EVERY gift and makes his guess, which is correct 90% of the time. two years ago the only hint i gave him for a gift was "they used to be cool and they will be again" and he guessed "duck boots" what the?! really? ugh. they totally were duck boots. so here he is making his guesses. i can't fight him though because he just says "you have your traditions and i have mine." to each his own.

and because twitterers were dying to see... here is Russ' ugly sweater. 
we stole the idea when I saw an old co-worker that made the same one. 
he won hands down for ugliest sweater at a party we went to.
it says "the reason for the season"


Sean and Janet Eyring said...

Glad to see that my idea is still an award winner!

Lindsey S. said...

ahhh James dad makes us guess EVERY gift too. We all make fun of him for it but he still asks us every time!

kylee said...

my dad shakes every gift too! he is the slowest un-wrapper too. tears off a little piece, peeks inside a little, continues with the random guesses, then repeats over and over again until it's finally open.

Kat Clark said...

I find that tremendously more terrifying than anything else but I'm glad he won.

Emily said...

LOL! Oh, that is hilarious!! You are such a lucky girl. :-)

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