le wedding

they did it!
it was such a beautiful (cold!) day. and their ceremony definitely had a different feel to it then any others i've been at. you see, my sister is almost 32 and being her little sister, i watched her search and search for the man worthy to marry her in the temple. that is no easy task because she is a stellar woman. so incredibly smart, so accomplished, and so much love to give, 
not just any guy would do.
she has had a lot of heartbreak, she has had a lot of almost but not-quite-there love, and watching her give herself to Tim when she could have made it work with so many before him spoke volumes. she stood her ground until the best one came along. who swept her off her feet and loves her so incredibly much it oozes out of him. Russ kept saying "Tim looks like Christmas morning." he was all lit up, smiling from ear to ear all day. so cute.
the kartchner family ALL HERE!
Russ (and Hayes) Keira, Adam, Chad, Brinly, Avery, Collin, Liz, me, Bethany, Casey, Mom, Charity, Tim, Dad. Quincey, Max & Lola were inside, it was tops 8 degrees.

i didn't know *this* is what my face looks like when i laugh hard. note to self, don't laugh hard anymore.

ohmagosh. i could die from Russ' handsomeness.
and Hayes' flash face.
the reception was a blast, everyone danced their hearts out, and then the Frames hit a wall. we waddled home and someone slept 13.5 hours...someone being all 3 of us.

p.s. how lucky am i to have a sneak wedding peek? that's what you get when you hire your friends. 
photography by Jenna Rammell.


Brooke said...

Love the pictures!! I've seen pictures of me laughing hard too and I hate how it looks ha.

Griffin and Gretchen said...

ya i don't even wanna know what i look like when i laugh hard. everybody just stares when i laugh hard so i know it must be pretty bad haha
cute family! her dress is stunning!

elizabeth kartchner said...

whatever, your laughing face is my favorite!!

that was a fun fun day. exhausting but fun. :)

kELLO! said...

i like your laugh face! mine looks like i'm constipated or something... it's really terrible. :) ha


megan said...

Laugh hard at least once a day. I know the laugh face I have my mouth hangs wide open big enough for a truck to pull through, but it feels so good!

What a beautiful bride and family! So happy for her!!!

Katie said...

I think your laughing-hard face is darling -- so very happy :)
looks like an amazing weekend. congrats to your sister and her new husband!

jillian said...

I think you look incredibly happy when you laugh!

Congrats to your sister!!

Angie said...

LOVE this post!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

It looks like a beautiful day :)

Anna Culp said...

congrats to your sister! great pictures-- so candid and flattering. my stomach flips when i see hayes balanced on russ' hands :D. are you wearing a black house white market skirt?...i think i have the same one.

Silvia said...

Probably one of the most sincere/great/loving/cute/to-the-pointposts I've ever read on a blog. Makes me realize how much I care about my older sister.
well done.

naomi megan. said...

that last photo of your boys is so great. congrats to your sister! she is beautiful!

chari-o said...

seriously, not fair that you got the sneak peek!! :), but so fun to see some pics. I'm chomping at the bit for the rest of them. Em, you're amazing and it was so great to have you on hand and ready whenever I needed you. Thanks for that and for this beautful post! LOVE YOU!!!

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