a day for luffers

happy valentine's day people!
we've got an angel of a babysitter tonight, and we're headed out for dinner.
as far as gifts go, we go super sexy. 
russ constructed a built-in bookshelf wall for me, haha. 
i ALWAYS opt for the practical and useful. useful = sexy. 
i still have to pick out paint & then i'll share his work of art.
picking out paint is the absolute worst.

there are two open spots in the wall and i am working on 2 DIY projects to fill in the gaps
here are my "inspirations" or "what i will knock off and make my own":

russ and i were driving home one night & exchanging our usual round of banter. to the outsider i don't know if i would call it witty or just annoying. 
he looked at me dead serious and said "i just don't know if there is anyone else in the world besides us that could be married to us." 

and that right there made me so glad he is my valentine. there is no one else in the world i can be 110% myself with and no one else in the world i would let be 110% of themself and love them all the more for it (& let them get away with it.)

did any of that make sense? maybe not to you, but it does to Russ 
& i suppose that's all that matters.


Griffin and Gretchen said...

i love the "me & you" lights. i wanna do something like that as well.
those pictures are hilarious happy valentines :)

esphixiet said...

This is the first valentine's post that gave me the warm fuzzies. I can relate to the "i just don't know if there is anyone else in the world besides us that could be married to us" sentiment :)

Kit said...


Love it.

Love you two!

Hailstorm said...

That's funny, my husband and I had that exact revelation/conversation yesterday on our Valentine's date. I think that's the beauty of a happy marriage: you know that there is no one else you could be exactly you with. Love it!

ccanderson said...

Yes, love it. You two are adorable.

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