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i hope everyone has an excellent lover's day weekend, i just have a couple things to let you in on.

1. last week me and the other Bijou founders (Nicole & Rashelle) finally made THE FLEA. happen. we have been to similar parties where friends bring their unwanted clothes etc. and do a buy sell & swap together. we decided it was time to get our people together and have one. we kept the first one small so we could see how things went. it was superb. next time around it will be an open invitation.

i swapped several items with friends, sold 10 more, and bought a few too. all in all i walked away with new-to-me clothes & i made like $25. not bad! to get you all excited to come to the next one, i'll post some of my FLEA. finds throughout the next couple weeks.

& apparently Hayes really wanted you to see his outfit too.
 floral dress (vintage) THE FLEA. brown tights GAP boots GOJANE.COM

2. Bijou Market's Spring event is April 8th & 9th, and we've been taking applications for the last week or so, you have a couple more weeks to get yours in. 
if you've contacted us about doing a show in Arizona, we're working on it for Holiday 2011. if you're from there & want to sell, or if you'd like to travel with us, let us know so we can be sure & find the right venue size. e-mail us at bijoumarket at gmail dot com.


Heather said...

The Flea was amazing! I went not thinking I'd get anything because of my belly..oh how I was wrong! It was absolutely fantastic and I can't wait for the next one!

Meagan + Michael said...

Count me in for your next one!

AubreyMo said...

That dress is gorgeous! I love it!

marlee.patrice said...

I LOVE that dress.

Lindsay said...

Forget Bijou AZ think Bijou Orlando!
What I wouldn't give to be there so I could accuire some of your junk!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

sweet idea! you would. I love the dress. ! Count me in.

Nicole Christensen said...

You look great. I think I'll have that dress back now, thanks. This is a great idea. I've worn an item from The Flea everyday this week (mostly that sweatshirt of yours) im thrilled with all of my purchases. Cant wait to do it again. Did i mention you look great and i want that dress back?

Gaby said...

I've always want to do a swap, they seem like such a good idea. That dress you got is fab!

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