oh hello! i made the mistake of trying to tough out yesterday without my no-yakking remedies to see if my morning all day sickness was tapering off and was sorely mistaken. not ready! i was out for the count literally all day. such a bummer. today i am feeling like myself again and ready grab the world and stick it in my pocket. 

adding to the pep in my step...my way in and out of my neighborhood passes through a few orchards and all signs point to warm weather ahead. once they have that pink haze of buds surrounding them spring is close behind. i know this because i've taken this route for almost 4.5 years. seriously? i've had this house for that long? weird.
i like most of you am dying for a warm sunny day. even if it means spring allergies too, i don't even care. do babies get allergies? if it's wool hats + Hayes...then yes.

so we're off. to run errands with the windows down and the heat cranked. to continue to clean out our office slash junk fortress & try to make space for an eventual nursery. to buy some herb pots and design Hayes 1st birthday party invites. like i said, all signs point to spring!


Nicole Christensen said...

I love the orchards surrounding your house, especially when they are pink. I cant believe it is time for you to plan hayes' 1st birthday ALREADY. Tiny Hayes couldn't be 1 already, could he?

jenna said...

i too love those orchards!
i hope I AM designing the invites like i told you i would!
never go off zofran. never. never.

Anna Culp said...

I can't wait for spring! If you want some help clearing the room, I love doing that.

emily+brett said...

oh the stress of the second nursery. our office has to stay an office because we have a huge floor to ceiling L-shaped desk and i can't bring myself to get rid of it. steele and baby girl with have to share weather they like it or not.

hope you continue to feel good. i finally started to get off my daily dose of zofran at 20 weeks. keep on praying for that day!

Griffin and Gretchen said...

bring on the allergies! i'm ready for some SUN!!!

Gaby said...

These photos are too cute!

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