i scheduled this post for the morning of 2.18.2011 but in all reality it's 8:00 pm 2.17.2011. 
russ headed out for a late night with his friends for a birthday celebration. i tried keeping the other man in my life awake, overstretching the bedtime routine... reading every book he likes instead of just a few, giving him a nice long baby massage... i couldn't even get him to drink half a bottle before he was out like a light. at 7:21 p.m.

of course in our oh-so quiet house i find myself missing russ a little earlier than planned. and with today being his birthday, i can't help but air out some of my dirty laundry.

my proudest memory of my last pregnancy was that i didn't complain to russ once until i was 5 months along and heartburn hit. that memory is faint this time around. complaints are a-flyin'. it's hard for me to ask for help because that would somehow mean i can't handle it - silly maybe, but true. the great thing about him is that asking isn't necessary. he just does.

runs his business, is a dedicated scout leader (which i swear is a bigger time commitment than the bishop himself) the laundry, the dishes, my never ending bedside requests (water? apples & peanut butter? ice cream & strawberries?) cooks most meals, strokes my pregnant swollen ego, getting up with Hayes in the morning, putting him to bed at night, cleaning, and the endless list of projects to complete before august. even on his birthday his only request was to go to story time with Hayes & me.

i just could not do this without him. i just could not. he is the MVP of my life right now & as much as i wish i could do more, at this point being a partially successful mother, wife, friend, daughter etc... has to be enough. how lucky am i that Russ always makes up the difference!

so here's to you Russ, happy birthday. what's that cheesy line? you complete me. well, you do.


Nicole Christensen said...

What sweet words to such a deserving Muffin.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Russ!
Really sweet post. Lots of love.

Griffin and Gretchen said...

husbands rock! happy birthday to yours!

Mandy said...

This was so sweet. He sounds fantastic.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Russ!

Lindsey S. said...

I think you guys are adorable together!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

Love that post.

JA said...


chari-o said...

i like this pic. ps, i think i have more photos of you, russ and hayes from my wedding than i do of myself. i wonder whose friend i hired as a photographer? ;) hehe.

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