in town

i try to see my friends once a week, even though it can get a little crazy with all our boys. sometimes we get really lucky & friends come from out of town, then i have an excuse to see everyone a lot more!

kim in town from LA, ashleigh in town FOREVER from oregon!
brooke in town from st. george
don't worry i took care of that regrowth yesterday
although i should probably just call it ombre or melted at this point.
i do not love dash's huge goose egg from a face plant in the park, even though he took it like champ.
i do however love all my friends and all our kids, it's been such a fun time in my life.
and crazy to think that this time 7 years ago we were trespassing private property, causing a scene in weird outfits, and getting our hearts broken by boys we thought we'd be with forever but weren't. (except me.)


May said...

The kid's pictures are super cute! Especially the ones showing love!

Ashleigh Noel said...

i looked worked in this photo.
oh, and apparently stripes are all the rage.

Lindsay said...

I honestly just teared up seeing these. I miss my friends! I want to be there and have our kids play together. ugh! I'm still hoping and praying for BYU to bring us there!!!
Hopefully we'll know soon!

Dana Dastrup said...

Linds, if it at all helps I teared up reading your post!!
Em, I love you girl! And I am so grateful that our friends do have the opportunity to get together so much! Hopefully, I still fit in since I have don't have a little boy.. Does Max count now?

Nicole Christensen said...

i love this. wow. were all those crazy antics FOR REALSIES 7 whole years ago?

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