iphone dump.2

a. Hayes in a hat. this one lasted for a couple hours & i was proud.
b. Hayes eating Yogurtland for the first time. he's a plain tart with blueberries kind of guy.
c. loving his forward facing car seat. i'm loving seeing his chubby legs in shorts.
d. i saw the mini pink adondirdack chair and i couldn't resist adding to the collection
e. my mom gave Hayes my old fisher-price tape player / microphone & her collection of brite tapes. awesome!
f. rocking the sunnies.
g. while we were in Vegas we (I) spotted Julian Casablancas. we talked to him for a whole elevator ride & Russ asked for a pic. i was embarrassed. i would never ask anyone for a picture or autograph. ever.


Jake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sean and Janet Eyring said...

I must be out of the loop? Who is this Julian character? Actor, musician, escape artist, 5 time Olypian competitive bowler?

jenna said...

i miss hayes.

Diana Smith said...

Thats totally cool that you got to see Julian! Talk about their new album coming out? haha

Kat Clark said...

Gah! Amazing! I may sound like a lame-o but for sure, the band I could never get sick of, play forever, only album on a desert island, whatev....The Strokes.

I know what you mean about the picture thing but for this man, I may extend my comfort zone. Just sayin'...

Kat Clark said...

P.s. your kid is cute.

Silvia said...

Ah, I am totally embarrassed to ask even D-list celebrities for an autograph or a pic! But an elevator ride --now that's memorable.

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