Hayes and I went to his first egg hunt last weekend (hosted by Jenna & Kate) and it couldn't have been more lovely. everything from the grounds to the weather, to the nutella banana crepes was perfection.  
I was surprised to see him catch onto the find egg- open egg- eat contents scenario pretty quickly!

we also mastered some  tricks ... 
the bend & squat 
and Hayes' freakish arm strength.
photography by Nicole & Lindsay.
more Easter to come!


jessie said...

So fun! The picture or Hayes holding onto the bar is killing me. That really is quite impressive!

Sarah loves it all said...

The bend and squat does not do good things for me. Seemed I did it way too much this weekend. Can I just mention that you seem to have the coolest friends ever...

Kit said...

ah. When do we change 'bend and snap' for 'bend and squat'? When we know it's no longer about us!

Darling pictures. Who shot these lovelies? Amazed at Haye's muscles!!

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