sometimes nicole, rashelle & i laugh to ourselves because we don't really know how Bijou Market happened. i mean, of course we totally know, we worked our keesters off. but, while setting up our 2 hour long party with 8 tables in March of 2009, our eyes & intentions hadn't quite caught up with what could be.

what could be was a huge party! a collection of artistry, talent, hard work & creativity. a round-up of men and women old and young, fresh and seasoned 
putting a little piece of their heart out on the table.
a community coming together ooh-ing and aah-ing, carefully selecting something fabulous to take with them & make a part of their homes. it's such a collection of admiration for the craft, and i love it so!

i was especially pumped to meet Diana Palmer of Yan Photo. she took all our market pics for us, and was so inspiring to watch. she captured everything & everyone lovely about Bijou. 
photography via Yan Photo

 true to a holiday weekend we've got this weekend 
lined up to the rafters with celebration. i hope the weather cooperates...
and i hope Hayes' recent relapse back to 3 naps will too.
 i swear all that kid did this week was sleep! 
happy Easter weekend!

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jenna said...

yan wanted to take a pic of me and now i seriously regret not doing it.

or i would have seriously regretting putting my fat self on her blog.

you look beautiful and of course bijou was perfect.

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