hayeser & goosey

this guy is perhaps the most social creature i know.
he's happiest when he's outside, watching older kids play, at a play date,
or more specifically touring the neighborhood with his buddy August.

he's lucky to have his friend so close - across the street -
because Heaven knows i'm lazy enough as it is without having to travel to find him something fun to do.

& would you check out their first pic together?
August (left) 2.5 months Hayes (right) 1 day old.


Nicole Christensen said...

WOW! I forgot that Rashelles hair wasn't always the amazing platinum pixie. I didnt even realize this was her.

chari-o said...

super cute! I love how their mouths are exactly the same in the first pic.

journeytojohanssontown said...

I can't wait to see the picture of them at 18 and on the same bike. In a completely heterosexual way of course.

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