just call me danny yoke

did you know pirate island has karaoke nights on mondays & thursdays?
well now you do, and pretty sure it's not to be missed.
i didn't dress up like a pirate intentionally, but i certainly could've thrown on an apron &
blended right in.

liz & i somehow got peer-pressured into a duet.
i eventually got really into it, of course. 
eyes closed, one finger pointing.
yup. into it.
one of russ' lesser known talents is karaoke. 
i mean, check out how he entranced the crowd:
three tries for a decent family pic:
and a couple of our favorite "flash faces" out of Hayes.

you might be wondering how my stand-up comedian brother collin's song panned out.

it didn't. he bailed at the last second! apparently it was too tough a crowd. 
next time, collin you're first. 
my thoughts on the matter are that everyone should be made to either sing karaoke or dance with a little ceasar's pizza sign on state street. it would keep us all humble.


elizabeth kartchner said...
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elizabeth kartchner said...

laughing out loud looking at these... haha. You were awesome! I loved how we just looked at the dj and said, "ok, we're done."

Seriously, how did Collin get away without singing?!

Annie said...

To say Alex will be bummed he missed out on this night would be a major understatement. I absolutely love your hair and of course, Hayes-er.

Lindsay said...

Love it! I'll put this on top of my list of things to do while I'm there! The eyes closed and finger pointing shows the passion you have for the song! What song was it? Cant wait to see you!

Sarah loves it all said...

Aaaah! I love karaoke! I swear provo is like the only place that has it. I used to go when I lived down there. Best thing ever. PS, you are a super hot pirate.

chari-o said...

can we go in june??

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Who knew?! haha my in-laws take us here all the time.... next time it might just have to be a on a Monday night! haha

Kit said...

I am also bummed that I missed this---next time tell me about it~ before! love these family photos!

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