gap-toothed fruit bat

Hayes is a gap-toothed fruit bat! need proof?

nothing makes this sprout happier than sitting down with his own piece of fruit. 
mangoes. grapefruit. bananas. he doesn't discriminate.
sure he looks more like a flying squirrel than a bat here, but just go with it. 
this his favorite morning activity - getting tossed onto a pile of pillows.
& finally ... the best shot i could get of the wide gap between his front two teeth. i can only hope that his other teeth coming in don't close said gap. nothing is cuter than those goofy teeth.
i rest my case.

and congratulations to randomly selected entry number #12 "j."!
you win the pick-up only giveaway this weekend at bijou, hootie hoo!


U U N A said...

oh ha ha what a cutie (:

j. said...

Yay, I won! I'm so stoked! See ya tomorrow!

Lindsey S. said...

Bailey has all her teeth and still has a gap. Just giving you some hope.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Man he is so cute!

Tahnie said...

Oh so cute!

You checked me out today at Bijou and I was too shy to tell you how much I love your blog, that you came up with the idea for Bijou and how adorable you looked. So I'm telling you now. ;)


Kaitlyn said...

Don't worry, his teeth will stay like that for a while. Emma is 2 1/2 and she still has her wide gap, I love it too!

Kit said...

Such a darling baby boy.
He also gobbles up those amazing chicken meatballs from Costco, organic, free range chicken--is it because they have PINEAPPLE and teriyaki sauce incorporated?

He ate 5 while you were cleaning up at BIjou Saturday night!

Love that boy.


Kayla R. said...

He is so stinkn cute!!! It was so nice seeing you yesterday Em!!! You look great, cant wait for our babies to play!!!

Caitlin said...

hey! Long time no see :) Your blog is darling, and your little boy is so cute. It looks like we both found the same font on dafont... you do have great taste! It was so great to meet you, thanks for the great event!

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