Hayes, month XIII

Hayes is 13 months and, for the record, over the last month he:

  • has 6 teeth. Top and bottom front two teeth and the top and bottom teeth directly to the right of this front teeth. 
  • has taken only one step on his own, and sat down. he would prefer to crawl anywhere and is getting hilariously fast at it. and yes, his little right leg still hangs out.
  • is such a little sponge! i can't believe how much he picks up without me "trying" to teach him. he loves to "help" clean... pulls dishes out of the washer while i'm unloading and hands them to me. wipes off his high chair tray. brushes his hair, washes off his face with towels, paper, tissues etc.
  • loves to get himself dressed. basically this means he puts his arms in the arm holes and messes around with pants & shoes for 10 minutes straight trying to get his little legs in.
  • loves to put socks on his hands and make puppets. he doesn't make them do anything, he just kisses them.
  • obsessed with calling people - especially daddy-o. with my phone propped between his ear and his shoulder, just like i do. he just says "ta ta ta ta" over and over like he's having a conversation. he doesn't need a phone to do this, his hand works just fine for him.
  • is becoming more independent. he must feed himself every meal. those suction cup bowls are a must this month.
  • his sense of humor is developing rapidly. he and his friend Gus play together and laugh at each other, i have no clue what's funny but, they sure do.
  • says so much! to add onto mama, dada, up, baba, boo, pooh- he says please "eese" also "eese" for cheese and juice. he says yum-yum! "um um!", ouch!, achoo, GiGi, tub, and when he's hungry he just says "mumumum."
  • loves to do the "wah wah wah" and "ssh ssh ssh" actions to Wheels on the Bus.
  • points to everything, loves to point out buttons on shirts and will tell you where his eyes, nose, ears and tongue are.
  • loves when you sing your heart out. when i am really belting a song out, he claps and laughs. 
  • still loves Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree every morning and the songs from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 
  • loves to be outside and get nice and messy. 
  • shares all his food with his mama. in the morning we split a banana, after his morning nap we split an egg & cheese sandwich. in the afternoon we eat a cup of yogurt together. i love it, i can't believe how much he's grown just snacking away on anything i eat!