it is so hard for me to show restraint during Bijou Market
i walk the aisles hundreds of times and with each one i find something else that i havetohave.
i put myself on a strict budget this year and spent 2 full days trying to decide what would make the cut.

here's what came home with me this year:

i was so incredibly inspired by General Conference this April.
(General Conference is when the leaders of my church come together and speak to the members
about how to better live as members of the church, warnings to heed, and offer uplifting and inspiring messages about family, the atonement, and becoming charitable people.)

the President of the church Thomas S. Monson suggested that a picture of an LDS temple be in every room in our homes to serve as a reminder.

so naturally i had to stock up. AshMae's watercolor painting of the Salt Lake City Temple 
(where Russ and I got married) was a must have. $14.

my favorite talk of the conference (so hard to choose because it's 8+ hours long)
was by Lynn G. Robbins. he talked about parenting and how we need to separate DO from BE. this print by Heather Carson will be the perfect reminder. $12.

i was so happy to hear this talk early as a mother & to have time to really make it a habit before i have to start disciplining. it's an excellent talk and worth listening to no matter what spirituality or religion you are.

i bought this box art by Colett Yarro. not sure where it's going yet, but i love it!
i have these Made By Jewls earrings in black and i loved them in white and gold too!
we had a few awesome vintage collectors sell with us this market.
as a life long thrifter, i am pretty anti buying secondhand secondhand. - make sense?
but, i know a good thrift find when i see one, and i know that i'll probably never find it on my 
own thrift excursions. so these vintage finds were have-to-haves.

vintage luggage by Adri Apparel
and these vintage books from Things Created and Things Reclaimed
$8 and $10 each.
please note the heavy highlighting in The Art of Homemaking, and the difference between a good wife and a frumpy one, hilarious! Gotta love the '60s.


Ashley and Chris Miles said...

You are awesome! I love your picks, I love your priorities and I love your attitude. I just wish the market could have been 2 weeks later so I could go :(

Colett (*.*) said...

well now, I see you have excellent taste as usual. :) Thanks for putting on an awesome show, it just keeps getting bigger and better.

chari-o said...

oh how I wish I could've been there.

Jewls said...

Love this post! Thanks for featuring my earrings :) You rock!

I agree, I think this was the most successful market yet. You guys are so awesome for putting it all together.

Also, I wrote a paper on "feminism and women's roles throughout history" in college and used that book as a reference. It was really interesting to look through and see how different everything was then. It also made me feel like I wouldn't have been a very good wife back in the 60's... haha

Dasha said...

I absolutely loved Bijou Market. Great job putting it all together. And I hope you didn't mind me giving you the whole "I read your blog and I love it blah blah blah" speech when I came up to the register. Sometimes I'm awkward like that.

Jordan P said...

oooh good stuff! i love the temple picture. wish i could have been there!

Kit said...

Laughing here as I scrolled down to see Daryl Hoole's cover. I read that and USED it when I was first married!

Love that you so carefully culled from amongst all those treasures! And the do-be-do-be-do is so perfect for you and Russ--you're this decades beatniks with a straight and narrow kind of twist!

Mikaela said...

Love those paintings. I got that same Art of Homemaking book from D.I. a little while ago and it cracks me up! Oh how times have changed.

Heather said...

Thanks so much for a fun BIJOU experience! I loved being a part of it. Thanks for featuring some of my loot! I'm glad it became some of your loot :)

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