trikes for tots

russ' work schedule has been slow moving the last few weeks, and i have soaked up every second of it! i would never complain about such a thing. i would rather be poor & have him around than the opposite.
i'm glad i soaked it up because it seems like he's landed huge job after huge job and i'll probably see him maybe for the 4th of July?

you know who will miss him more than i? this guy. he has become a full blown daddy's man. the love used to be spread pretty equally, but lately, he's got stars in his eyes for his daddy-o. here's a little reel of their latest project together. Hayes is super helpful as always.
hayes: vintage ninja turtles tee/ paperclip studio leggings/ h&m hightops/ old navy hoodie/wicked bedhead


Nicole Christensen said...

The leggings are rockin! i wish i snagged some!

Michelle said...

what a stud you have! that boy is to die for.. i can say that cause he's a blondie and its impossible for me to have blondies haha.
Very fun! cute pics! It's so fun to watch them be daddy's boys though.

Anna Culp said...

i've been lovin my bijou buys! and these pics are so cute! i've gotta get some leggings like that. i was wondering if you wouldn't mind linking back to the post of you on my blog...it's week old news, but it's such a cute post!

Sarah loves it all said...

We have a similar trike for E, and he can't quite reach the pedals. Ha! He loves it though. When do you ever get to go to H&M!? I do wish we would get one of those.

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