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Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing and dedicated mothers, no matter what season of mothering you are in - whether you're new or weathered, waiting patiently for your own & mothering those around you, or have a full nest. You deserve the world!
 I read this quote and felt it encompassed not only everything I hope to be as a mother, 
but what my mother means to me as well:

“I don’t remember much about her views of voting nor her social prestige; and what her ideas on child training, diet, and eugenics were, I cannot recall. The main thing that sifts back to me now through the thick undergrowth of years is that she loved me. She liked to lie on the grass with me and tell stories, or to run and hide with us children. She was always hugging me. And I liked it. She had a sunny face. To me it was like God, and all the beatitudes saints tell of Him. And sing! Of all the sensations pleasurable to my life nothing can compare with the rapture of crawling up into her lap and going to sleep while she swung to and fro in her rocking chair and sang. Thinking of this, I wonder if the woman of today, with all her tremendous notions and plans, realizes what an almighty factor she is in shaping of her child for weal or woe. I wonder if she realizes how much sheer love and attention count for in a child’s life.”

Marriage & Family manual via the always inspiring Jen.

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carla thorup said...

you are so sweet about your boy(s) and i love that. thanks for sharing them, and this quote.

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