happy pinning!

pinterest is proving to be exactly what i need in my life.  
i can keep track of all the images that catch my eye and i don't need to clutter my desktop, use up my hard drive space, remember the source, or try frustratingly to locate them after the fact, pinterest does all of that!

lately i have been on the pinning hunt for inspiring ensembles of the big bellied persuasion. 
i find great joy in putting together a cute outfit while pregnant. for the most part i can't control what's happening to my body, but i try my hardest to embrace and enjoy it. i didn't rock the sweat pants once last pregnancy, and i am proud to report: no sweat pants in this one either. it's not necessarily about comfort -- believe me. the full panel leggings from target? probably more comfortable than sweat pants, and 100% more effective in deflecting sexual advances... they're hideous.-- to me i feel infinitely better about myself when i put the effort in.

here are some of the pregnancy looks i've pinned.
and i am sharing them here in hopes you have more to show me. gotta a stellar outfit you rocked or saw rocked while pregnant? gotta pic of it? i want to see! links, emails, whatever.

p.s. are you on pinterest? lets be friends!
need an invite? i can help you there too, just holler.


Nicole Howell said...

Love it, so cool. Would love an invite if possible

amanda said...

you've convinced me, can I get an invite?

Brissa said...

it's true. pinterest is magic.

Erin said...

Need an invite! At erin.anytimefitness@gmail.com


rachel! said...

I joined about 2 weeks ago and I'm obsessed! Follow me at http://pinterest.com/racheljohnson/ Hooray for photo/inspiration hoarding!

Jennie said...

Ahh I want a Pintrest!! I would LOVE an invite. And I've never been pregnant, but I feel like I would die without sweatpants for 9 months....considering I live in them now.

Jill said...

I'm on Pintrest too and I love it!!

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