after a lovely 3.5 hour dinner with some friends last saturday, you'd think we'd had enough of one another. with just a few moments of excited planning, all the sudden we had a suite booked at the moutainside marriott in park city. we schlepped our boys & their gear and made our way up monday morning. 

shopping, eating, talking, swimming, all with 4 hilarious boys who just can't seem to stop hitting each other in the face -- note to moms with girls: do they do this too, or is it just a boy thing? it's not even that they're trying to inflict pain necessarily, it's like if they make eye contact it must be acknowledged with an open handed slap greeting to the ear. -- was surprisingly relaxing. 

we were all excited to see that the Jcrew outlet carries Crewcuts now! definitely worth a trip up if you have little kids (in sizes 4 on up, 2-3 was nowhere to be found)
and i guess Crewcuts is cool with sticky sucker fingers all over their darling clothes, because they were handing out giant lollipops with reckless abandon.

oh, and it was pooouring rain. so we lazily piled into the car and drove from store to store. not safe, but effective.
Hayes had the time of his life, i assume, as he is still asleep 13.5 hours later.


cherice said...

hahahahha he still asleep!!! that is adorable! whenever i am feeling down i will just think of him walking down the hall buck naked and it will make everything better! i love him!

emily+brett said...

how fun is it having all these boys!! i just can't get enough of how lovable they are. i keep thinking how lucky you and jenna are to be having boys again, but then quickly remind myself how fun it will be to have a girl too. girls get-away is a must when the weather is dreary.

Brooke said...

Next time come to St. George. No, seriously though!

Emma said...

looks like so much fun!

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