two things.

1. i promised to tell you all when the next FLEA. would be and it's on its way!
june 7th from 7-9 
i cross my heart & hope to die that you'll kick yourself if you miss this. 
you've seen some of my FLEA. finds so you know the quality to expect.  
this FLEA. is open to all so it's going to be even bigger and even better, i can't wait!
some of you sillywillies tried to tell me 
that your clothes aren't worth selling, or that you won't fit into anything. 
to you i plug my ears and sing "la la la." i don't want to hear it! 
all shapes and sizes will be represented and you truly never know when your trash will be someone else's find of a lifetime. 

2. the second item is to let any of you graphic designers or artist know that Bijou Market is holding a contest (submissions accepted until July 1st, 2011) 
for a new logo! 
we're ready to turn the volume up on our branding and would love to use some up and coming talent. once the submission period is closed we'll show everyone and let you vote for the top 5. for more details head here.


rebecca said...

i am SOOOOO excited about this! i just gave a metric shit ton of stuff to di but i am now looking through my closed again! yay! thanks for inviting us!

Em & Gar said...

So do you have to sell to come? I just purged most of my stuff...:(

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