free + not really fancy

it seems like all throughout the year we have obligations to uphold each week. this week russ & his soccer team won the championships and so concluded the very last of these obligations. 
for the rest of the summer we are free! 
the only thing we "have" to do is get ready for this baby! i can't believe it, it's crazy exciting. 
we don't have a lot to accomplish, except get Hayes' new room ready, and maybe even more pressing... soak up every last minute of this time as our easy-going, stress free, family of three.

the team:
post game, can you believe how big we both are?? 
he is 14 months & i am 7.
p.s. promise, he's not wearing capris. they're just riding up.
on Hayes: hat TUTTI BELLA.COM hoodie AMERICAN APPAREL shirt & sneakers THRIFTED pants WAL-MART
on Emily: dress & belt F21 cardigan GAP shoes ROSS

my regular camera battery is dead so i pulled out the old point & shoot and found these gems while uploading... back when Hayes was 8 months!:

can you believe his cheeks? ooh yum!
 i hope you can all throw schedules to the wind with me cause it feels niiiice!
happy weekend!


moxiemandie said...

We're pretty busy during the week, but I'm truy hoping(and want to be deliberate, too) that our weekends can be as summery & free as possible for the next few months! :)

Have a fun weekend!!!

Michelle said...

look at that stud! love it! he is quite possibly one of the cutest lil blondie boys i've seen. i can say that cause mine is a brownie :) His clothes are to die for.
and don't worry, those first months of having two under 2 are an amazing blur. It was bliss. It wasn't that bad. but of course it all depends on the babies tempermant.
You are lookin so cute :)

Pie said...

Throw caution to the wind and come visit us! We have a guest room. I could also maybe come down and help get Hayes new room done with you! Are you keeping the nursery the same?

Sarah loves it all said...

You look gorgeous in your orange dress. Wishing my life was slowing down sometime soon!

P.S. I think Hayes pants would be totally acceptable as capris. ha, does that make me weird?

Angela and Enrique said...

You look so pretty in that red dress!

Kat Clark said...

I think I've been watching those sandals. Are they gold elastic? Did you get them from Piperlime? Super cute. I also like seeing you rocking the maxi "modestly" cause when I try them on I feel so "Mormon" having to wear a shirt under or a cardi over. You look ravishing in to-mah-to!

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