coming + going

i've said this before, but my husband's group of friends are a pretty tight knit bunch (understatement.) 
most people are either confused or weirded out by it, but i admire their closeness. i didn't always think that way of course, fighting 6 incredibly close friends for russ' attention during the dating years was always hit & miss.
i love my husband with all my heart, truly love him for who he is, wouldn't change him for anything, and the buddies love him that way too. if there's one thing i know, those are the relationships of highest value.

they have all accomplished many things over the years of their friendship, but this year summer especially huge for them. 2 are marrying exceptionally beautiful girls, 3 are moving (Taiwan, London & wherever the wind or a job offer blows them), another is starting med school & as for us, we're becoming parents of 2, shortly. 
maybe not as glamorous, but definitely important.

so, to sort of commemorate all these comings & goings we had a BBQ
 and a self-made frolf game around our neighborhood:

frisbee throwing is so awkward looking, i just love it:
did you think i let myself off the awkward pic hook? never.
heeeyyy mama!
a little candid affection:
and in true buddy form, here they are arguing rules of a game made up on the spot
in perhaps the most beautiful of settings.
also in true buddy form, somewhere during the evening, they decided to pick up and go to 
San Francisco for the Twins/Giants series.
by the time you read this muffin will have rolled in after driving home through the night 
& holy beans, am i glad to have him home!!
have a wonderful weekend.


Nicole Christensen said...

I love those buddies.

Silvia said...

Oh man. Look at the mountains in that last picture. I think of that when I think of home. Friends make it even better. :)

Brandon and Katie said...

i know how you feel! brandon's group of friends are super tight. good thing they decided to grow up and get married! (well most of them anyway) :)

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