the lakeness

summer ✔ list:
utah lake.
my immediate family is boat people. 
with my dad working crazy hours as a doctor, the lake was our quality time together. 
he has made having a boat a priority & in turn our summers are always fun-filled. 
hayes was just a wee lad last summer and the luxury of having a boat was lost on him. 
he slept nearly the whole time, every time. this year, he has been loving it!
check out the sheer contentedness on this face:

 his favorite place to be while at the lake is, surprise surprise, behind the wheel. 
he tried out the tube, and although it's hard to tell-- life jackets have a sort of botox effect on baby faces, who knows what emotion is going through his little squished head-- we think he liked it?
i was waving at him like any overly excited mom would, and he waved back, and it was darling.
 & would you check out these two? 
 nicole sent me this amazing reel of dash & hayes - click to enlarge if you wish.
you know when your kid tries to put the lens cap on your camera,
you have enough pictures. so that's a wrap for now, but i can't promise there won't be more later.


Anonymous said...

I grew up on the water too. I love every bit of it. this is my first year without a boatin my life and I feel a little lost.

Hope you guys enjoy every bit on it. And put some sunblock on!

Griffin and Gretchen said...

that kid is so cute! he makes me so excited to have my little boy!

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