summer ✔ list: snow cones.
but not just any ol' cone.
there's only one pop-up shack that will do & it's in the scera pool parking lot.
 the ice is always soft & never chunky. once it's open you can bet i'll be close behind with a "bahama mama avalanche style please!"
(fruity pina colada with ice cream on the bottom.)

hayes worked on his form 
being fed wasn't working for him, not fast enough.

i tried to show him how cool it was to eat it cleanly with your stoon/spraw (spoon straw?)

so he tried it himself... 
but he only got juice.
so he double fisted the ice. 
i caught him mid brain freeze. 

 he's a work in progress. i guess we'll just have to go back & practice some more.


Mara and Jae said...

LOVE your yellow skinnies :) thanks for letting me read!

m.estelle said...

the snow cones on canyon across from the dorms with knock your socks off! wish i could have one RIGHT NOW.

rebecca said...

you are so right! that is the BEST place in the valley!

Nicole Christensen said...

The Scera parking lot snowies remain our favorite as well. Although, we have yet to try the one recommendation from a kind blog reader who says the one on Canyon Road, across from the dorms, is the best in the land. We will let you know how it goes.

The Mod Homemaker said...

very cute.

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