summer solstice

happy june 21st, or first day of summer 2011!

we have dove (or is it dived?) into summer head first, full force & are quickly whittling down our list of must-dos for the summer.
first on the list: make a mess & love it. it can be tricky to really allow kids to go at something messy with wild abandon. when they're so little we're the ones cleaning up after them & it's hard not to think about that as the mess increases, but i made an effort to  enjoy watching him more than i cared about cleaning up after him! sure, he (and his perimeter) was a disaster, but nothing a little hose down couldn't solve.


French Lover said...

Happy first day of Summer ! Those photos are so cute ! I wish we had Summer weather in Paris, but it came and went in April and May - now I believe Fall has arrived.

Bisous !!

Kit said...

Great way to celebrate summer. I wish I could eat a popsicle in my undies outside in the sunshine and then wash it down with the garden hose or get unsticky by running through the sprinklers !

Oh wait,
what's to stop me?

Just may have to try that today!

bisous from Gigi!

Nicole Christensen said...

maybe we should write up our summer to do's and post them. that could be fun! i will if you will.

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