lime ricki

the three sisters behind lime ricki were so incredibly warm, welcoming and generous to have us up to their 2011 line release party. check it out (photos by Hollie Hanson):

the party welcoming committee, not a bad way to get greeted if you ask me:
relief! i'm on "the list"
baby scans the party...
relief! there's a food table. (hayes' favorite part at any social function.)
and just cause she's the most darling. my friend caitlin, of hue & hum. 
(a must add to any blog reader's list.)

we wore our lime ricki duds to the the lake the other day & i guess i am either crazy, past the point of caring, or just that big of a fan of lime ricki -- i am actually going to show you. 
yep. all 32 weeks of me. 
and why yes, i have passed my total weight gain from my first pregnancy. 
what's that you say? "but, emily don't you still have 2 months to go?" 
i knooow people. help me. call me nightly & tell me to put down the sleeve of oreos:

and apparently russ' bottoms (navy + white trunk) are sold out but there's several more styles here.
his photo is a still from a home movie we made of him and my brother collin tubing.
look how cocky he is in his new shortie trunks... 
don't worry, my B.I.L. tim humbled him real quick.
and speaking of movies... my brother collin kiiilllss me in this one.
i can't even tell you anything about it without ruining it, just watch & laugh.

let's go ahead keep these thumbnail size shall we?

thank you Lime Ricki!!


moxiemandie said...

SO fun! I started following Caitlin's blog a few months back, too! Totally wicked party. :)

Nicole Christensen said...

i need to get into this lime ricki thing. i had no idea there was even a store. cute party. look look amazing 7 months preg in that suit. rockin bod!

Megan and Justin said...

that party looks So fun! Love the one you have!

Caitlin said...

thanks emily! You are a gem. I am bummed we didn't get to talk longer, lame. Also, it kind of looks like your fist bumping the hot swimsuit guy in the second photo. And also, I think you look hot in the swimsuit... you are much more brave than I was :)

Kat Clark said...

The Lime Ricki girls are my cousins! If you ever get a chance, go see Nicole's house, it's so beautiful!

Silvia said...

Are you kidding me?! It seriously looks like you shoved a beach ball under that swimsuit! Even if I did shove a ball under my swimsuit, I wouldn't look like that. You look great! Pshhh. Keep eating oreos, darling.

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