what i know...

how are we all doing without oprah everyday? i never watched her show until i had a baby. is that the most cliche thing ever? "stay at home mother watches oprah on the daily" isn't getting me any breaking news headlines - this i realize. but, i am still left wondering where i might find an in depth look at such a variety of different topics that leaves me feeling enriched and mentally nourished. i am sure i could come up with something, but it definitely won't be so neatly packaged - or time efficient - as one hour with O.

anyway, i thought it may be refreshing to cap off my weeks with "what i know" a la O.
& this week, i know:
there are as many ways to traverse this life as there are people. what works for one, may look all wrong to another. (see Hayesie attempting to Flinstone his way out of getting his sucker-covered hands and face cleaned.)

maybe i want to shake you, maybe you'd love to give me a talking to, 
but when it all boils down... to each his own. 
i feel like i have been given so much respect and understanding 
in my life to do things my own way, and this year more than most, 
life has presented me with the chance to give it back. 
and while it is a work in progress, i'm happy to know that's life wasn't just picking on me,
it was preparing, providing & posturing me with ways to grow.
this i know.
happy weekend!


Griffin and Gretchen said...

o Oprah I miss you.
I have been thinking the same thing lately, about life. Such a comforting thought.

Nicole Christensen said...

I love this emily, beautiful.

rebecca said...

amen, sister!

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