first you take the mallow.

if it seems like all i do is post other people's parties where my participation starts & stops at lucking out in acquiring an invite, that would be a correct assumption. and while we're at it - here's another! 

what: gourmet s'more roast // surprise birthday party for kayti
note: i have no personal ties, loyalties, sentiments, or affiliations to any collegiate schools in utah.
except for my alma mater UVU, which has no competitive teams that i am aware of, jk they do.
anyway, alls i am saying is people in provo give me flaaack for wearing utes apparel-
let me just say, it's vintage. and like vintage fur, it doesn't count.
 check out dash's form on this roaster. no one taught him - this is straight animal instinct.
 the host with the most, lindsay
the party people
nicole, the birthday girl & her baby monroe.

it was such a fun way to kick off the summer!
here is the recipe list for the gourmet s'mores
thanks for sharing, Linds!
Smores Recipes


moxiemandie said...

What a fun idea! Unfortunately, we can't have bonfires here in the desert, but I do have a gargantuan grill on my balcony that would probably work just fine. ;)

Jene and Megan said...

I love this idea!! I think I'll have to throw one of these little parties when we go to the beach later this month!! =)

lindsay ross said...

I'm still eating chocolate.....
thanks for the shout out! what will our next party be.....?

lindsay ross said...

I'm still eating chocolate.....
thanks for the shout out! what will our next party be.....?

Nicole Marie said...

such a great idea!!!

Come Grow With Us said...

Makes me hungry just reading!

And yes'm, you would have gotten a shoulder massage. But not because it was trying to be a hint that you should sit up straight.

It would have come cause you look like you would feel better if you were getting one

And because I know I myself ALLWays love one. Golden rule, y'know?

Come Grow With Us said...


I was half way through a glass of yummy wheat grass juice as I read your blog this afternoon. Got up to check my spinach garden. Looked in junk drawer for tweezers to plant some spinach seeds in one of my Aerogardens. Staring up at me was a Hershey's Milk Chocolate and Almonds bar.

Had I not just read this post I would have resisted!

I'm blaming you. . .

Lindsey S. said...

I love smores, now I am craving them!

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