beep + honk

yep, another party. 
what: blake's 2nd birthday!
blake (and hayes, too) obsess over things that go!
cars, motorcycles, bikes, trains, planes etc...
so all the little party people brought their bikes, trikes & wagons and 
made their way around the quiet cul-de-sac. 
simple. and so much fun!
the carrot cups were my fave...
cupcakes by cupcake chic
birthday cake by pink peach cakes
lindy did such a great job! i'd send you to see more, but her blog is private.
womp womp.
 this captures Hayes' walking perfectly. he's getting more comfortable looking,
but i love his little full body cast walk!
and you know all i think about when looking at these bottom two?
if my mom saw me slouching like this, she would've come up behind me
and gave me a nice passive aggressive shoulder massage.
that's her way of telling me to stand up straight & i would've loved the reminder.
maybe i'd look a little less jabathehuttish.

happy weekend!


j. said...

i love your short haircut too much.

Brissa said...

hayes has the ultimate baby style.

Nicole Christensen said...

hayes does have the ultimate baby style, and you have the ultimate baby BUMP style. I wore this dress yesterday and contemplated sticking a beach ball up it so i could look like this. Everything (most things) are cuter with a baby belly. you wear it well.

carla thorup said...

my mom totally does the shoulder rub/stand up straight thing too!

i love this idea for a party. the simple ones are always so perfect.

and hayes looks so fly! like seriously legit.

Kari said...

holy jamma lammas. cutest party ever.

qadesign.jenna said...

haha looooove the passive aggressive shoulder rub.

you look amaze balls.

Lindy said...

Thanks for coming to his party! Loved it. Maybe I'll consider making my blog public. Maybe. You look great in these pictures.

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