on a sunday.

we had such a nice weekend! plenty of fun, plenty of rest, plenty of family & friends. 
all good things.
let's start with sunday and work our way back, shall we?
we slowed it way down sunday evening and just did whatever Hayes wanted to do:
up stairs & up in the air
this guy is a daddy's boy. 
he thinks russ is the bees knees and loves to do whatever he's doing.
fixing things, driving the car, riding the scooter, working in the yard.

especially driving the car.
he begs to be let in the car everyday to "drive" and push buttons. 
he'd sit in there for hours if i let him!

and finally, a very slow moving walk down the street. (slow moving on account of me, not Hayes.)
p.s. when do they stop holding your hand? i'd like to stop time a few seconds before that moment occurs.

on Emily: dress F21 shoes OLD NAVY earrings MADE BY JEWLS
on Hayes: shirt TARGET chambray shorts GAP shoes TRUMPETTETOO via TARGET


moxiemandie said...

you look great! Love your dress!

elizabeth kartchner said...

hey glowing momma!

mine stop holding hands when they can skip & run... ;)


Griffin and Gretchen said...

you look so great! that holding hands stage is so fun!

robin said...

hayes is absolutely adorable! he has got the cutest face!

and mine still hold my hand... (my oldest is almost 7)... so... you've got some time!

Angela and Enrique said...

I love those little green shoes! Where did you get them?

Whitney Duvall said...

Emily.....Where do you get the majority of Hayes clothes? He always looks so precious.

The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...

Sweet Emily, The hand holding doesn't stop ever, if you are very lucky. Mine are all willing to hold my hand, still. And you know how old they are!

Brooke said...

When are you due? Soon right? I might be there.

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