friday + saturday

back to our weekend...
friday we got a "babysitter". our basement renters took our baby monitor and listened for a soundly sleeping Hayes for us so we could double to a movie and a late late dinner. it was a sweet set-up if you ask me. maybe we should write babysitting into the rental contract!
the movie finished at 11:30 & then we got burgers and fries. i haven't eaten fast food that late in a looong time, but i tell you, the later it is the better it tastes.
 i actually had russ pose with his pastrami burger. he was pissed. then i made him get a picture of me eating my magnum ice cream bar, and it took me about 3 seconds to chastise myself. who cares what we ate? no one! those pics got the swift duh-lete. 

anyway, anyone with kids knows that a night without them every once and awhile is a necessity. we rarely do it because hayes is so mellow, and ____ and ____ (fill in excuses here.) it was a good reminder that regardless of how sweet our kids are, or how much we can't get enough of them, date night dynamic is so different without sprouts around. you talk about different things, you connect in a different way when you're not "on duty". 
we talked & laughed and listened to music too loudly & exchanged bands we've been loving lately. 

he: jeremy messersmith me: the head & the heart.

i immediately fell hard for his pick - you will too, and the coolest part is all his music is name your own price to download. (click here to shop.)
these pics are from saturday... we attended a really great event for Lime Ricki Swimwear
and got some pretty awesome loot which i'll share later ...
in the meantime check out their 2011 line!
note: this skirt is theee most comfortable thing i own & you're going to see a lot more of it until this baby makes his exit. thank you target. on our way back from SLC we stopped at russ' fave, Chipotle. wait a minute. didn't i just conclude no one wants to see our food?  what about Hayes' food?  Chipotle wins for cutest (and cheapest!) kid's meal.


carO__ said...

Its funny you say no one wants to see our food because I NEEDED someone to take a picture of that kid's meal! We got out first kid's meal there the other week and I couldn't stop talking about about much I loved it! Rice and beans? His own little bag of chips? A healthy lunch made for toddlers? And only $3! I didn't think I could love that place anymore, but I do now!

Nicole Christensen said...

The handsomest hayes face yet!

jenna said...

we were at chipotle sat too. randommm.
and hello you forgot to mention you went to the movie with your favorite doubles.

and hayes where did that hair come from??! i swear it's a mane now! I LOVE IT.

jenna said...

oh and chipotle wins for cutest kids meal AND best bang for your buck. #2.95 for all that?! crazy talk.

Diana Smith said...

You are sooo right about having a date night once in a while! That time to regroup as husband and wife is soo essential for a happy marriage!

Emily Frame said...

cheapest kid's meal around! next to rio of course.
jenna - double date officially added.
and i started using mousse on his hair to get it to stick out & thereby not blend in with his scalp so much.

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

i wear a maxi skirt pretty much every day (just a $10 forever21 tube dress folded down!). i tend to wear them with a white v-neck, so a statement necklace is sort of important, i think. but i can't stand the feeling of anything on my neck these days, so i just look like a pregnant mess...woot! still better than pajamas, right? maybe?

kylee said...

the head and the heart is an all time favorite of mine! they just had a concert in salt lake. well technically two. one free one and one where they opened for iron & wine. kicking myself for not going to that free one.

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