extremely loud & incredibly close

 we're home! here are some pics of the first five days with our sweet baby Cal:
*it's true what everyone says that no matter how old your oldest is (16 months and some change) they look gargantuan next to your new baby. 
*the same goes for their noise level. i used to think Hayes was a pretty mellow, even quiet, kid in comparison to his friendly counterparts, not true. seriously Hayes? must you drop that lead train 45 times on the wood floor? must you?
* i will give Hayes this: he is the sweetest & softest big brother. he lays his head on Cal's gives him a nice courtesy laugh, points out all his body parts, kisses is toes, sucks on his forehead and loves to be near him. brothers! i can't believe it. 
Russ has fallen in love all over again and so have I. it truly is amazing what the heart can do.

i had my doubts how i could love another tiny like i love Hayes, but those were quickly erased when Russ placed Cal on my chest. seriously, Russ delivered Cal. i'll tell you all about it later.

 *my biggest fear with having baby number 2 were the unknowns with Hayes. a whole lot of guilt wrapped up in guilt, with a side of guilt. so far, he's exceeded my expectations. he has adapted to this change gracefully, and all the guilt i have left is for underestimating his goodness. i am sure we will have hard moments, minutes, days, weeks. but, so far, no complaints!

(we let Hayes try the complimentary formula out... not a huge fan.)

& yes of course, birth story to come soon! my sweet brother collin was there filming & if you've ever seen any of his films you'll know why i am wild with anticipation to see it.


Brittany said...

I can't wait for the birth story. Hayes' was amazing and I can only imagine how Cal's went down. Russ delivered him? You guys are superstars.

Anna Culp said...

that first picture- cal is so cute that he can't help but squeeze his own little cheeks!
so glad that hayes is adjusting well so far. it's exciting to see how the heart expands as a family grows. congrats!

Diana Smith said...

so we are having our second in December and they will be 17 months apart and this seriously settles some of my fears!! I have the same worries about how they will adjust but reading your post has helped!

.caroline armelle. said...

congrats! he's adorable!

hope you are getting some rest!

Christen E. Krumm said...

oh so precious! congrats!

i so can't wait for my little man to make his appearance!! any day now!!


Sarah said...

So precious! So sweet! Congratulations!! You have such a cute little family!

{Brittany} said...

Amazing Em! Great job and congratulations. What an amazing mommy you are!

Susan said...

ooh you lucky girl. cal looks like a dream. can't wait for your birth story!

ccanderson said...

Can't wait to see him. Your pictures are adorable. Can't wait to hear the Russ delivery story!

Emma said...

oh he is precious!! congrats emily!

chari-o said...

ahhh...I can't wait for the birth story!! you're my hero, Em!


Aaron + Kayti said...

your writing makes me so happy - you have such an incredible way with words. i am so happy that all is well and that the babes are adjusting so well!

Jill said...

HUGE congratulations!

And I'd like to say that you give me hope because I have a 7 month old and even thinking about having a child makes me feel guilty with a side of guilt and how in the world could I love another one as much as my little girl?

So it's good to see it's possible even though logically, I know it is.

Welcome to the world Cal! You were born into a very sweet family. :)

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