forward to fall

before i post the birth story, i had to post this draft i wrote on Cal's birthday. the night before he was born, i couldn't sleep - nothing out of the ordinary - so i spent awhile on Pinterest until i got tired. i woke up to go to my 37 week appointment, Hayes & Russ were still asleep so i figured i'd post, i ran out of time and just saved it as a draft. it cracks me up because obviously having a baby was the last thing on my mind.

july 26th:
yesterday the cleaning service my mom lined up came & i have seriously never seen this house cleaner. it was so amazing to come home from errands and have every inch of my house immaculate. the fridge! the microwave! no crumbs! 

i didn't realize how much the house's state was effecting mine.
as soon
as it was clean my mind racing with ideas. which is how it usually is, except when my house is a mess, apparently.

i can't tell you how much i am looking forward to fall. i love everything about the short little season, specifically the crisp weather and getting my post-baby bod into something other than cut off maternity shorts & one of Russ' american apparel tees.

*kourtney kardashian, albeit famous for no apparent reason, embodies everything i'm looking forward to about cold weather dressing:
clean, crisp, tailored, simple.
*brightly colored pants. any color really. i'll take them all.
*cheetah, or is it leopard?
*matte navy nail polish
*denim on khaki
*one amazing ruffled collar that i will most certainly be D.I.Myselfing.

all pin sources here except
navy polish pin


Nicole Christensen said...

oh fall. cant come soon enough.

Jene and Megan said...

Amen to Fall...love it! My most favorite time of the year...it's the best in Utah. But still good in a few other places I've lived. Hope you and new darling baby are doing well!!

jennie said...

I know you're busy with your new little one, so no problem-o if you get to this when you can, but just wanted to know who the cleaning service you used was...my house sure could use a good deep clean!

And, yes, I am loving everything about FAll too! Good call!

Kat Clark said...

I just bought a matte navy color by OPI. I think it's called Russian Navy but I'm too lazy to get up and go look right now. Anybusiness, it's really rad.
P.s. Congratulations! I will pray for some sleep for you.

Emily Frame said...

Jennie: what's your email & I'll send you their contact info... Im pretty sure it's 10$/hour- a steal!

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