the magic combover

there are virtually three (short) hairs per each side of Hayes' head while the rest of his hair just lays on top.
it's driven a few too many blocks down D. Trump lane, if you know what i mean.
you'd never know it would you?
or maybe you would & i am just one of those mothers that holds onto horrible looking baby hair for much too long. be honest, is it time for a haircut this weekend?

photos taken @ the 4th of July parade...
 which he loved & was equally belligerent that he couldn't just walk up to the cars, horses, llamas, floating cartoons & irish dancers. a few times he escaped & would turn around to the crowd and pull the situation shirt lift again... ay caramba.
happy (haircut?) weekend!


aubry. said...

emily, seriously now... when you were pregnant did you even think it was possible to have a kid as cute as hayes? serrrrriously?

Emily M. said...

i ditto the girl above.. your kid is the cutest kid EVER!!!!

Megan and Justin said...

haha don't cut it!! it's too cute :) he is SERIOUSLY adorable!

Lauren said...

Holy moly, my son has the EXACT same hair. Seriously, exact!

Sarah loves it all said...

He is such a little stunna! E wons a few tanks and I usually think they look kind of...yuck. BUT Hayes TOTALLY pulls it off. That one is def. hip. Love his hair too. :) I feel like he and E should have a play date some day.

Auntie Em said...

Keep the hair, its great! enjoy it while it lasts :)

Nicole Christensen said...

i dont know, its pretty good hair. but i did gush over dash after we cut his, a whole new lever of handsomeness.

emily+brett said...

mixed opinion on the hair. once you cut it it looses it's soft baby hair feel and he will look all grown up all of a sudden. i guess it all depends if you want him to graduate into kid-hood. love his hair though.

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