a pregnant pause

i haven't logged much about this pregnancy, and when i woke up and realized that if this one goes anything like the last one, i could just have a baby in my arms in 7 days!
of course, i am planning on going full-term to preserve my sanity.
but here are my thoughts...
getting this baby to 36 weeks has been a rough ride, i won't lie.
i threw up 7 days a week from week 6 to week 26. 
and just about the day that stopped, the heartburn started! ruuude.
my hip pain has made it near impossible to walk let alone exercise so 35(!) pounds of weight crept right up. with hayes i swam, i walked, i did yoga and i was so careful about what i ate, drank loads of water. it's just a different story this time around.
after a consultation with my doctor it seems likely that i have hip dysplasia, which means my hip dislocates when extreme pressure is put on it. it can't be confirmed until i get an x-ray, so i wouldn't know until after the baby is born, or right about the time all that extreme pressure on my hips is relieved, ha. the most pain i feel is when i roll over in bed at night, something i'd love to do every hour or so, but it brings me to tears it hurts so bad. 
so i just lay there. 

some highlights of the pregnancy have been:
when my midwife was checking to see if he was head down, she said "oh his little fingers are on his face!"
when my midwife was checking to see if i was dilated today (i was a 4.) she let me know she's pretty sure he's already 8 pounds. what can i say, i cook them fast & big!
every now and then i will be laying in bed falling asleep and his usual vigorous movements turn a little bit more stressful feeling. somehow i know he's uncomfortable or cramped, or just itching to have some more room to move. this happened once with hayes too. so like with hayes, i started singing and he calmed down immediately.
it's amazing to feel like his comforter, his mother, the thing that soothes him before he's even out!

when i think about the billions of people who have walked this earth, i just think holy cow, a every single one of those people had a mother do this for them. it seems insane, doesn't it?

everyone asks how i am liking being pregnant in the summer:
#1 - this has been the most mild summer in the history of my living in utah. really there's only been a handful of days hotter than 100 degrees. how lucky am i? it could be so much worse!
#2 - being pregnant is pretty much the same any time of year. (i have been pregnant in each month of the year somehow) the hard part is being pregnant with a 16 month old. too young to understand they can't run into the road, too curious to just wait in the bathroom stall with you while you pee. again. 
the kind of 16 month old that will crawl to the next (occupied) stall, and the next (also occupied.) the heat is at the bottom of the list of things that are hard.

if you ask any mother they wouldn't take it back for a second. i know plenty of mothers who have much worse pregnancies & they do it again & again. 
i am in this boat. to hear that first cry, smell that sweet baby skin, watching their sweet uncontrollable arms flicking about, their little legs pulling back up into their bums like they're still in the womb. and that's just in the first 5 minutes.

now that i think about it, what's 35+ pounds? chump change.
nothing my go to outfit of black on black can't camouflage.
bottom 2 instagram-ified.

here's to ONE MORE MONTH! we can do it!

p.s. entry #31 selected via random.org is the winner of the Moxie Mandie pillow cover!
JILL! email me!


Michelle said...

You look fabulous! and I'm dying over how cute your hair is in the last picture.. it's super cute pulled back too!
Do you guys drive a VW? if so, do you like it?

Emily Dickson said...

Being newly pregnant, I love reading things like this. Thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait to see what baby #2 looks like!

Kacie said...

You look wonderful! What an adorable blog, beautiful baby, and gorgeous family!

Found you thanks to Hello Jack!


Suzy said...

Emily you look great! While I have never had pregnancy heartburn, which I can look forward to I am sure, I can attest that chronic heartburn is enough to bring you to tears! Hang in there!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I love this post! You look beautiful! And you have nothing on my 55 lb weight gain! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see this new little guy.

Gaby said...

you look fab! i hope your last month flies by :)

Cgailio said...

Em. youre a babe! with a BABE! a buy one get one if you will.. I love the Trump comment.. wahhaa.. so true. i love it. ugh. i love your blog.. you bring sunlight to my cold office.. ha. get that lil baby out of you- i cant wait to see how stinkin cute hell be! man.. that lil hayezzzzz is ssoo cute- i love his threads.. of course.. loooks at his rents. duh. i love the comments about mommies too.. so true and well noted. SPANKS>

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